American U Will Remove Statue of Leonard Peltier

On front, Peltier at Leavenworth in 1992. Many Native American activists have long maintained - backed by groups such as Amnesty International - that Peltier did not receive a fair trial and was convicted unfairly.

California-based political artist. His 9-foot-tall statue of political prisoner Leonard Peltier was removed from the campus of American University. Peltier was convicted in the 1975 killings of Jack Coler and Ron Williams on South Dakota's Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Leonard Peltier FBI wanted poster. Calling his ongoing imprisonment "one of the greatest injustices in the American justice system", Dunne and other attorneys filed a clemency request a year ago to President Obama in hopes he will include Peltier in a final flurry of pardons. He is serving two life sentences on a conviction for murdering two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

That's plenty of time, says James Reynolds. In a letter to Obama, Reynolds wrote that clemency would be "in the best interest of justice in considering the totality of all matters involved".

Reynolds directed the U.S. Attorney who prosecuted Peltier during the appeals process.

"There's an very bad lot of activity going on", Reynolds says.

"Until he is free, each new day is a new crime, each dawn is a new crime, each evening is a new crime against the dignity of the Native people and against the honor of the United States".

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