McClatchy Report Considers Whether Trump Campaign Helped Russians

Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr

After the election, Agalarov said he welcomed Trump's victory even if it meant his plans for a Trump tower would have to wait. The president's son tweeted Monday that he would work with the panel. Agalarov's son, Emin, then asked an associate to arrange a meeting between a Russian lawyer and the younger Trump, the emails say. Warner said they are still waiting to receive some documents from Kushner.

But above all is a more simple explanation: Sanders has no earthly idea what's going on in the White House she purports to represent. "They go to KGB school to learn this kind of stuff".

And so, at Monday's off-camera briefing, she stood on the podium, frequently cocking her left eyebrow and raising the left corner of her lips to convey displeasure at the line of questioning.

Trump and Agalarov got to know each other in 2013, when the Moscow magnate spent $20 million to host the Miss Universe pageant, then owned by Trump.

Radio Free Europe profiled Akhmetshin, who has denied any current relationship to Russia's spy agencies, last July - roughly one month after he organized the showing of an anti-Magnitsky Act film at the Newseum in Washington, DC. Akhmetshin was part of "a team of political and legal operatives" put together by Veselnitskaysa to lobby for the repeal of the Act, the New York Times reported last week.

President Donald Trump has argued that he did all he could to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin on election meddling and said he told Putin the U.S. "can't have a scintilla of doubt" about the integrity of future votes.

Trump asked: "What do you do? End up in a fistfight with somebody, OK?" The act authorizes the US president to deny visas to, and freeze the assets of, Russians believed to have been complicit in Magnitsky's death.

Trump says "most people would have taken that meeting", contradicting his incoming FBI director's testimony that Donald Trump Jr. should have instead alerted authorities.

The president is reiterating that his son is a "wonderful young man". However, the emails his son received pitched her as one.

Around the time of Trump's visit, Putin awarded Agalarov the Order of Honor, an official medal, for his contributions in business and charity.

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee says he's sending a letter to Donald Trump ask him to testify.

"That discussion is very much ongoing, and I'm hopeful over the next week or so it can get somewhere", he said.

The document has become public in response to a government watchdog group's lawsuit.

The application page asks whether Sessions — a senator before joining the Trump administration — or anyone in his immediate family had contact within the past seven years with a foreign government or its representatives.

There's a "no" listed, but the rest of the answer is blacked out.

The department has acknowledged that Sessions — on his form — omitted meetings he had with foreign dignitaries, including the Russian ambassador. A lawyer for the Trump Organization told the New Yorker magazine that Trump played a passive role in the Baku development and was "merely a licensor".

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