Beyonce shows photo of her twins

Romola Garai suggests parents (like Beyonce) should be prosecuted over Instagram pics

Beyonce shows photo of her twins

But in her maternity photo, Beyoncé is standing in Venus's very pose, one leg slightly lifted as if she's about to step forward out of the portrait.

Exactly one month after the birth of her twins with Jay-Z, Beyonce shared a first photo with her fans on Instagram.

The style of the image, in which Beyonce stands in a garden barefoot in front of a floral archway, echoes the photoshoot she used to announce her pregnancy on the network. First of all, who among us wouldn't be honoured to help Beyonce get the kids organised?

The singer's mother, Tina Knowles, also confirmed that the newborns are in fact a boy and a girl. And we need to be okay with that - without being hard on ourselves for not being able to achieve the same thing.

Rumi is the name of the 13th-century Persian poet who endures as one of the best-loved writers of the Sufi spiritual tradition, with verses that celebrate love, joy and tolerance. Took me too long for this song.

Mum Sharon Kellaway, from Kilworth in Cork, posed with her five-month-old twins Senan and Zoe hours after an image of Beyonce cradling her new arrivals went viral.

On June 30, Jay-Z released his first album in four years. There's also the c-section scar on my bikini line, and believe me when I say that I have never, ever loved a scar as much as I love this one. "We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes".

This is one element of parenting twins that money probably doesn't help with. The image was just so unrealistic and photo shopped.

He added when speaking to American Radio station SiriusXM: "I feel like that is what Jay is trying to do with [the album]". What you see on the gram and in magazines isn't real life.

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