France's Military Band Surprised Everyone With This Daft Punk Medley — Watch

The French electronic duo may not necessarily mesh with Trump's tastes, as some of his favorite artists that the president has mentioned in the past include Peggy Lee, Neil Young, Frank Sinatra, and Tony Bennett. Anyway, a highlight of the day included the French army marching band's tribute to fellow French musicians Daft Punk with surprisingly modern medley of the robotic duo's songs.

July 14 marks Bastille Day in France, and to celebrate, French president Emmanuel Macron, U.S. president Donald Trump (the two of whom had a super long and uncomfortable handshake), and other dignitaries were treated to a parade. During the band's outstanding performance, Trump appeared less than entertained.

The performance is nothing but entertaining with an endless stream of Daft Punk songs we know and love.

Based on his expression, Trump didn't particularly enjoy the brass-heavy combination of "One More Time", "Get Lucky", and "Harder Better Faster Stronger". Then again, doing so may have actually made him appear more likable, which would tarnish the terrible reputation he's worked so hard building for himself. Subtlety was never his strong suit.

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