Trump says 'something could happen' on Paris climate accord

French Chef Alain Ducasse welcomes French President Emmanuel Macron, his wife Brigitte Macron, US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump upon their arrival for a dinner at Le Jules Verne Restaurant on the Eiffe

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After a photo-op, nearly an hour into a tour led by French President Emmanuel Macron, Trump turned to first lady Brigitte Macron.

The 64-year-old's response to the comments isn't audible, but she is seen putting her hand around Melania Trump's back.

While, it might be too soon to say what happened to President Trump in Paris, but it seems that he is now giving a thought to planet Earth.

The irony of Trump's off-the-cuff sexist remark as pointed out by media reports is that the age difference between the Macrons and the Trumps is almost identical, except that it is in reverse.

Brigitte Macron greeting Donald Trump during a ceremony at Les Invalides in Paris, on July 13.

Another said: "Do you think this visit was actually just so Macron could troll Trump and subliminally call him a "Daft Punk"?".

Trump capped off his trip to France with a tweet, calling his meeting with Macron a "great honor". This time, his target was the first lady of France, Mrs Brigitte Macron. He then repeated the sentiment to Emmanuel: "She's in such good physical shape".

Maybe Trump prefers Daft Punk's less commercial work and feels that brass band covers dilute the potency of electronic music, making a mockery of the genre.

He kissed Brigitte Macron on the cheek as her husband continued gripping Trump's hand.

They then boarded a boat for a cruise on the Seine river.

The event will feature a bi-national fly-past of fighter jets symbolising present day military cooperation.

The day also celebrates the Fete de la Federation, which marks the unity of the French people under a common constitution, the first step towards France's modern nation.

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