The Latest: Victims' names read out in French city of Nice

Nice attack: Prosecutor calls for ban on Paris Match photos

French prosecutors demand magazine's withdrawal over Nice terror attack images

More than 300 people were treated in hospital.

There were 37 foreigners from 19 countries; about a third of those killed were Muslim.

Yesterday, July 14th-France's Bastille Day, Nice was not alit with fireworks and celebration; instead, the city remembered the 2016 terror attack that shook their city.

Immediately after the terrorist attack by Mohamed Bouhlel in Nice, France, we were told he was a lone wolf, a guy "recently radicalized", suffering from depression, with no connection to Islamists or ISIS, a guy who just went crazy and drove his truck through a crowd.

The Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi described the images as "unbearable and abject".

Other pictures in the magazine's latest edition show the bloodied body of the 31-year-old Tunisian attacker in the cab of his hired truck, a selfie the Islamic State loyalist took on the afternoon of the attack at the spot it was to happen, and other taken at the same site some months earlier.

But the magazine's editor Olivier Royant justified the publication in a statement.

Macron paid homage to the solidarity of the French people in the face of the attack and said: "We forgot the name of this murderous anonymous [the terrorist] but we remember the names" of those killed.

The two men hugged at the end of the speech.

Trump is the guest of honor, invited by French President Emmanuel Macron for Friday's display of French military might.

A number of events will take place in the French city today to mark the anniversary. Special commemorations are planned Friday in Nice, to be attended by President Emmanuelle Macron.

The judge did ban the future publication of two particular images either in print or in digital forms.

A Paris Match spokesman welcomed the court's decision, saying the magazine defended the right of readers to be informed and know the truth.

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