Trump, Macron Look to Past, Future as US-French Alliance Moves Ahead

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Melania Trump opts for eye-catching red Dior ensemble as she lands in Paris

After the initial relief brought by Marine Le Pen's defeat in the French presidential election, there is widespread dissatisfaction with Mr. Macron on the French left. Replying comments by Macron on the US withdrawal from the Paris pact, the US President that position "could change".

Mr Trump has encountered criticism for his views of women on numerous occasions.

The solemnity in a city still coping with the aftermath of the attack was in sharp contrast to the pomp and display of French military might at the Bastille Day parade hours earlier in the French capital before Macron's guest of honor, President Donald Trump.

Bishop declined further comment on the Paris remark, but added an unprompted observation on Trump's use of social media, saying she wouldn't "run a commentary on his Twitter account".

In France, President Trump had a great time - or, at least he may have thought.

When a reporter asked Macron if he saw their relationship in the same way, the French president defined it in more Cartesian terms. It is not just Trump who suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder.

In light of Trump Jr's bombshell admission he met a Russian lawyer last year in a bid to get dirt on his father's Democrat rival Hillary Clinton, top aide Kellyanne Conway seemed to dramatically shift the goalposts.

SCOTT HORSLEY, BYLINE: Trump is in Paris to celebrate Bastille Day and to mark the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entry into World War I. American troops will join their French counterparts in a military parade tomorrow along the Champs-Elysees, a symbol of the longstanding ties between the United States and its oldest ally. 'Paris? I don't go there anymore, Paris is no longer Paris.' That was four years - four or five years hasn't gone there. "Ça va?" to the children. This is based on pledges made to the electorate of America prior to Trump being elected.

Macron later called that handshake a "moment of truth" to show he's not a pushover.

Angel Urena
France pays homage to victims of deadly Nice attack

"You're in such good shape". He explained, "Universities are ready to work in this direction and they will have the support of the State".

Joined by their wives Brigitte and Melania, they tucked into beef with truffle sauce and warm strawberry and yogurt sorbet, with one of the most celebrated views in the world as their backdrop.

'Are you going to have more kids?'

"I think from a practical standpoint most people would've taken that meeting. If it happens, that'll be wonderful, if it doesn't, that'll be OK too", he said. Twitter's reaction, however, has been clear.

Back home, the US President now faces a veritable storm of controversy after revelations by the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Associated Press, and PBS.

He also suggested that Trump could have been referring to remaining in the Paris agreement on that basis that the United States could significantly weaken its U.N. climate targets, known as its nationally determined contribution.

The last six months have seen Trump aides shift from denying any contact with Russians to dramatically raising the bar for censure-worthy behavior.

The French president is also drawing up plans for a global climate summit at the end of this year.

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