Meet Sir Carter and Rumi! Beyonce Shares First Photo of Newborn Twins

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SEE PIC Beyonce introduces new born twins to the world

"Dress not zipped, something stuck in hair & the look of someone DYING for some buttered toast".

After weeks of quiet, Beyonce posted the twins' photo to Instragram and folks were not disappointed. The photo was pure Beyonce in all it's pre-Raphaelite splendor. After a few hours online, the photo had over 8 million likes, proving that the "Halo" singer still has the power to call fans, with a jingle of the phone, day or night. She laughed: "Barely coping with the messages and posts". She didn't mention the babies' genders, but Beyonce's mother wrote on Instagram that the pop star had given birth to a boy and a girl. They are reportedly planning to stay on the 6.3 acre estate through the end of summer. "Don't know how he did it, and I don't know how it's coming off". Bey and Jay Z are currently staying in a $40,000-per-month mansion in Malibu with their newborn twins and 5-year-old daughter Blue Ivy. Blue Ivy's January 7 birthday makes her a Capricorn, Beyoncé (September 4) is a Virgo and JAY-Z (December 4) is a Sagittarius.

"... Honestly, since he cooperated, it was probably a five-minute deal".

"He really didn't care and he wrote about it. Whereas I have a bit of guilt about it. I am not totally comfortable being gay".

Fans were also quick to point out that if the twins were indeed born on June 14, they share a birthday with President Donald Trump.

. Others ruminated on the selection of Rumi, named likely for the Muslim poet and Sufi mystic Jalal ad-Din Muhammad. And then there was the noise over the navel.

Yesterday Sharon, 59, responded on Facebook, with: "Dear Madonna, I think it's absurd that anyone is publishing your private letters". It was posted with the caption: "Crazy things that happen with silly bulls".

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