ISIS Now Has Ten-Year-Olds Filming Anti-Trump Propaganda

ISIS flag

'Even the kids are radicalized': ISIS uses American boy to threaten Trump in new video

Facing all-but guaranteed defeat in their last urban stronghold, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) extremists seem to be relying more heavily on the youngest of their recruits to carry out both attacks and deliver their propaganda.

While thousands of recruits joined ISIS from Europe, a much lower number, in the low hundreds, are thought to have travelled from the United States.

Until Afghans come to value nationhood and the freedoms that accompanied the 2001 U.S. ouster of Taliban oppressors, they will forever be locked in a cycle of war and militia dominance. But when his moment of truth arrived, Trump kept American troops in Iraq and Syria. What reforms do we demand?

Trump's surge in Afghanistan is being modeled after the "surge" in Iraq in 2007, which National Security adviser H.R. McMaster helped to design after leading a successful pacification campaign in Tal Afar.

As it imposed its radical brand of Islam on the populations it took under its control, it also forced a Sharia curriculum on children, educating them in their own belief system from an early age.

What Mattis failed to mention is that nearly all those entities are on the same side, along with the U.S. military-industrial complex.

Jeremy Kuzmarov is J.P. Walker assistant professor of history at the University of Tulsa and author of "The Myth of the Addicted Army: Vietnam and the Modern War on Drugs" and "Modernizing Repression: Police Training and Nation Building in the American Century". [Republican] Ted Cruz would be problematic too, simply because of his personality, not his ideas.

In our ongoing series, Issues That Matter, we are taking a closer look at the United States' fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). It showed the child firing a kalashnikov. Officials have yet to verify the claims made in the video, but are still working to gather information about the child. The Egyptian government has a magic elixir here that can turn peaceful protesters into jihadists.

Later on, Yousef, who is shown playing with another child, said to be an Iraqi from the Sinjar region, complains about the strikes as numbers of casualties flash on the screen and he speaks directly to President Trump. Heaven forbid that anyone put two and two together and figure out the real reason behind this new incursion: regime change in Tehran. The straw man here is obvious: We must stop trying to make Afghanistan look like, say, Connecticut!

Back in 2001, I might have believed that. Our goal has been far more pragmatic: to promote domestic political arrangements that will be stable and will be successful in controlling territory and preventing the rise of violent groups that can threaten the United States and our allies.

The boy, Yousef, whom the video says is 10 years old, spoke a message given to him by adults seeming to admit the group is losing its grip on Syria and Iraq but also warning President Donald Trump by name that further terror attacks would come to the U.S., CBS News reported.

The president said in his speech that we must continue our efforts in Afghanistan.

Q: What's your outlook on the potential policies of a future Administration to be led by one of the various frontrunners in the current presidential electoral race? Indeed, denying terrorists safe havens should be the cornerstone of American military strategy, and that requires constant vigilance and potentially a permanent military commitment.

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