How Hillary Clinton's Vanity Will Thwart The Democratic Party's Rebuilding Process

Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton at their first presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead

Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton at their first presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead. Melina Mara Getty Images

Bernie Sanders is a Clinton target. Most of the 494-page tome (her books, produced with trusted aides, are always too long) is dedicated to causes beyond her control.

Her tour ends in Vancouver, Canada at the Vancouver Convention Center on Dec. 13. The results were devastating.

The everyday experiences of women of all ages, races and identity facets cannot be quantified, but anyone could easily survey the women in their lives to hear of similar situations and interactions. Clinton went on to explain that she believed Sanders was "free to say whatever he wanted to say" about the former president's administration because he "wasn't a Democrat".

Pollster Nate Silver has published data highly suggestive of the disastrous effect of James Comey's eleventh-hour revival of the media's email obsession - an announcement made just as Donald Trump's post-"Access Hollywood" polling numbers plummeted and Clinton's momentum revived.

She believes the media playing field was tipped in Donald Trump's favor during the campaign. But it broke no law, caused no security breach and, while frowned upon, was not especially unusual at the State Department. When asked about Russia's meddling in the election, she explained that she was surprised to learn how precise Russia's strategy was. So if you're sitting on a liberal media idea, now would be an opportune time to pitch it to Hillary Clinton.

Her ode to her presidential fate is titled "What Happened" and Mrs. Clinton, it seems, will be everywhere this week to promote it.

On film sets, in offices, in university faculties and in nearly every sphere involving influence, hierarchy, power and authority, women are underrepresented. And Mrs Clinton's account is sufficiently self-serving to be open to that charge. But Lexington listened hard to her economic speeches and could not identify the main point of them-a shortcoming her book repeats.

McManus writes, "A backward-looking slog through the disappointments of last year's campaign is not what most Democratic politicians want to dominate the news this fall". Clinton offered blunt commentary on her continuing rift with former opponent Bernie Sanders, President Donald Trump's increasingly worrying affinity for Russian President Vladimir Putin, and much, much more. Had it not been for the uncontrollable "headwinds" she describes, she would probably have won, despite her shortcomings.

When FBI Director Comey testified before Congress in March he defended that assessment and emphasized that Putin's preference for Trump may have been motivated by his "hatred" for Hillary.

Disney-owned ESPN did not elaborate on any possible punishment for Hill, and she was on "SportsCenter" as usual on Tuesday and Wednesday. But the part about Putin holding a grudge against Hillary and wanting to damage her chances often gets short shrift. There is also little reason to think a more populist message would have helped her there. Everyone was allowed to respond to the shocking events of 2016 in their own way.

In this election, policies, messaging and campaign effectiveness hardly seemed to matter.

Paradoxically, Clinton mentioned, but without realizing its significance, its capital error: "I was conducting a traditional campaign with policy proposals that are carefully created and coalitions painstakingly built, while Trump was doing a 'reality show' that by careful and incessant fed fury and resentment of americans. If he succeeds in that, we're all worse off". She made the argument that he "dragged it out", due to a reluctance to drop out of the democratic primary until much later than Clinton believes was necessary to unite the party.

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