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Hillary Clinton Sent Pizza To Fans Who Lined Up Overnight To Buy Her New Book

Hillary Clinton – What Happened, review: this memoir of her election failure reveals Clinton's short-sightedness

When asked if she cried the night of the election, Clinton said, "No". A better title would be "What Happened?" because Clinton apparently has no idea. Clinton appeared on Cooper's show 360° to discuss her new memoir about her loss to Republican Donald Trump, titled What Happened. "Of course, I didn't say any of that". Or when Bernie Sanders, who now suggests "it's a little bit silly" to talk about the election, published his own diagnosis a week after the election. Trump's base has reclaimed it as a positive term.

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's book tour is barely underway and it is already revealing just how much the Electoral College helped the United States dodge a bullet last year. She lost the debates and lost her direction!'

One problem with her analysis: Millions of those white people who voted for Donald Trump also proudly voted for Barack Obama.

Ms Clinton took to Twitter to respond to her supporters, writing: "Enjoy!"

While doing press for her book, she pitched at partial blame for her loss to the ex-Celebrity Apprentice host on a variety of factors. Give me a break.

I mean, really: How could anyone have survived all that?

Apparently everyone in this country gets to dissect the 2016 election-except the woman who lost.
"They have a 'working-class problem'". "There have been a lot more happy days than sad or angry days".

But there's another saying, this one from Mario Cuomo: You campaign in poetry. It wasn't race or immigration. "She is shrill, and there is a prejudice against shrill women.' How about we stop criticizing how she speaks - which is just fine, by the way - and start paying attention to what she has to say about families and the economy?"

Ultimately, the Benghazi Committee couldn't draw a direct line from the incident to the Secretary of State. These "forgotten Americans" had legitimate grievances that Democrats ignored. From her early days as a public servant to becoming the First Lady, winning her Senatorial district and vying for the presidency twice, Clinton is indeed a deep rooted politician.

CLINTON: Matt, I can't say that. You don't like that she's re-litigating the election.

The actual cover of the magazine after the election pictured a rising brick wall created by artist Bob Staake-an obvious shot at Trump's campaign promise to build a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border. There is also the fact that her various excuses kept being proven wrong.

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