Floyd Mayweather slams 'senseless' Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock

This is the first statement Danley has released since the Las Vegas massacre on October 1.

Some people who knew Stephen Paddock said he could take on an imperious, exacting demeanour.

Paddock was found dead in his room of a self-inflicted gunshot wound before midnight, as law enforcement closed in. Officials later said they had located her overseas, spoken to her briefly and determined she was in the Philippines.

As they are trained to do, officers got hold of a master keycard and began to evacuate the hotel rooms.

The gun lobby - fronted by the National Rifle Association and absorbed into its zero-tolerance policy on all gun legislation - is too powerful, a behemoth that frightens all Republicans and many Democrats into acquiescence of its terrible mission.

Trump and his administration have been criticised as using racially tinged language.

"We have produced a profile of someone who is disturbed and dangerous", Sheriff Lombardo said. On the divorce papers, she listed her address as a condominium in Reno owned by Paddock.

It remains unclear what contact she had with Paddock and whether she had any information regarding the shooting.

Marilou Danley broke her silence on Thursday.

In that time he killed 58 people and injured more than 500.

"Here's the reason why: Put two and two together".

The FBI's Aaron Rouse said no link to terrorism had been found so far, but they would not discard the possibility. "It's troublesome for the amount of stuff he had at both residences unassisted".

Like Undersheriff Kevin McMahill on Tuesday night, Lombardo stressed that although it took more than 70 minutes between the first shot fired and SWAT breaching the room, police were not sitting on their hands.

"He done this solely himself", one said.

The Life is Beautiful festival featured the Kiwi pop star as well as Chance the Rapper, Muse and Blink-182.

Police also continued the grim task of identifying those slain. She was working at a casino and he was a high-limit player, casino employees said.

At this point there is no evidence Paddock was in Boston.

The girlfriend of mass murderer Stephen Paddock will be interviewed by the FBI in Los Angeles, not brought to Las Vegas for questioning, according to Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

The trip and money struck her as odd, and she feared he was going to break up with her, according to the statement.

Paddock reportedly wired Danley $100,000.

The FBI refused to talk about its conversation with Danley.

"It never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he was planning violence against anyone", Danley said in the statement.

The girlfriend of the man who carried out Sunday night's massacre on the Las Vegas Strip met with the FBI in Los Angeles Wednesday, then told reporters through her attorney she's "devastated" by her lover's actions and she knew nothing about his deadly plans.

Authorities said Paddock, who had no criminal record, smashed windows in his hotel room shortly after 10 pm on Sunday and rained fire on a crowd of some 22,000 attending the country music concert below. I will cooperate fully with their investigation.

Paddock had a business degree from Cal State Northridge. "I asked some fellow workers and they said she went off with Stephen".

"There's all kinds of things that surprise us in each one of these events".

Authorities say he set up cameras in the peephole of the door and outside the room to watch for police closing in on him.

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