South Korean Media: US B-1B Bombers to Fly Over Peninsula

U.S. Marines assigned to Charlie Company 1st Battalion 3rd Marine Regiment exits out the back of a Korean Amphibious Assault Vehicle with Republic of Korea Marines

Tyres, triumph and threats follow N Korea missile test

A South Korea official said on Tuesday that the North's leader may make the completion of its nuclear program official in his New Year's message.

After the missile launch, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley warned North Korea it would be "utterly destroyed" if it went to war with America, and Trump tweeted that "additional major sanctions will be imposed" on the reclusive nation. Lindsey Graham's suggestion that it was getting too dangerous to keep noncombatants on the divided peninsula. "If it fails to negotiate, the situation will become more complex".

South Korean authorities took the soldier, named Oh, to receive care in a hospital where the surgeon saw something he had never seen before - a 10.6 inch parasite living in Oh's intestine.

But many believe the current system could have trouble dealing with high-powered missiles launched at a lofted trajectory, a method that sacrifices range for height and a speedy descent.

A spokesman for the North's foreign ministry also blamed "confrontational warmongering" remarks by U.S. officials for pushing the peninsula to the brink of war.

North Korea hates it when the US does that, and has threatened to shoot the plane down. The five-day drill, which is called Vigilant Ace, is meant to improve the allies' wartime capabilities and preparedness, South Korea's defense ministry said.

The missile - which, according to CNN, is "believed to be the biggest and most powerful missile" in North Korea's arsenal - traveled 2,800 miles and remained in the sky for 53 minutes.

"That's why North Korea has been making such a big deal when B1-B bombers are flying overhead".

Both sides insist they don't want war, but blame each other for provocations while saying they will act to defend themselves.

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said the Guam-based bomber simulated land strikes at a military field near South Korea's eastern coast during a drill with U.S. and South Korean fighter jets. "I don't have to worry about missing birthdays, Christmas, all the important holidays", he said, adding he'll look to the military for guidance.

North Korea regularly threatens to destroy South Korea and the United States and says its weapons programmes are necessary to counter US aggression. The United States stations 28,500 troops in the South, a legacy of the 1950-53 Korean War.

The North Korean soldier who ran into South Korea under fire at the border was carrying inside of him a small Pandora's Box of illnesses and ailments.

But days after North Korea tested the Hwasong-15, Kim Jong-un was shown being escorted around the factory that made the tyres for the rocket's enormous transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) vehicle.

"Vegetables grown in it are considered more delicious than others", Lee said.

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