Canadian Jocelyne Larocque Doesn't Give a Damn About Silver


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Canada has won the past four Olympic gold medals for women's ice hockey.

The U.S. had lost to Canada 2-1 earlier in the tournament but started strongly and went ahead with 19:34 played in the first period, thanks to a short-handed goal from Hilary Knight.

After the U.S. tied the game at 2-2 late in the third period, the game headed to overtime.

The Olympics are not new to Crowley, who competed three times in the Winter Games with the U.S. team, starting in 1998 when women's ice hockey became an Olympic event. The USA Women's hockey team seemed cursed when it comes to the Olympics.

The 2018 team had a difficult road.

The United States won the game 3-2. "It becomes more individual", said Agosta, who was trying to win a fourth straight gold medal. "Our coach taught us that a few years ago", said Lamoureux-Morando. "That's what it is, right?"

The gold medal game is going to overtime.

"I don't think we have any regrets but this medal really hurts", she said.

Each team scored twice in five shots in the shootout before the shared heroics from Lamoureux and Rooney, and a historic win for Team USA. The Olympics and gold medal games however just seemed to be different.

Porteous, aged 16 years and 91 days, is the youngest Kiwi to win an Olympic medal, while Sadowski-Synnoty is the second youngest at 16 years and 353 days.

Last night, the United States Women's Hockey team pulled off a comeback for the ages on 38th the anniversary of the legendary Miracle on Ice. Skip John Shuster barely missed knocking a Canadian stone out of play that would have given the USA four instead of one.

Meanwhile, another user highlighted how quick-witted internet users have become, screen-shotting a picture of the most updated Wikipedia page of Rooney after she ended the game with her save. After winning the gold in the Women's Hockey in 1998, it seems that the gold has eluded them or that the Canadians are just a better team. They aren't supposed to leave during the celebration because they receive their silver medals soon after the game. "She took it like a champ". It's a well-earned reward for playing through group stages and the semi-final, but ultimately you're the only athletes asked to stand on a podium just following a loss.

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